UN Women: Crafting Change

UN Women: Crafting Change

A social entrepreneur creates a sustainable movement by bringing traditional crafts to the mainstream

Date : Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Source : UN women

Social Entrepreneur Passawee Kodaka at the Folkcharm studio in Bangkok. Photo credit: UN Women/Zoya Khanday

At the age of 38, Passawee T. Kodaka has returned to her childhood home, running a business venture driven by her passion for craft. What began as a modest project with only four weavers is now a thriving enterprise, providing part-time employment to nearly 40 women.

Folkcharm’s weavers in Kokkabok district, Loei province. Photo: UN Women/Zoya Khanday

In north-eastern Thailand, the traditional art of dying cloth has made a resurgence in the lives of the people of Loei. The district is primarily agricultural, but women have tapped into a new source of income through the revival of the once-forgotten practice of hand weaving and using natural dyes on cotton. Passawee is contributing to this revival, and her commitment to sustainable fashion for urban consumers has given rise to Folkcharm—a social enterprise with a mission to promote awareness of folk crafts and share the inspiring stories of the skilled artisans behind the creations.

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