Pure Homegrown Handwoven Cotton 2024


(Updated March 2024)

Our collection of soft textiles from

locally sourced botanical dyed 100% homegrown handspun cotton yarn

Each of our weaver has her own signature in weaving style and natural dye expertise.

Read more on our cotton process here.

Thickness marked at end of description:

"Light" Suitable for Tops /  "Medium" Suitable for Both Tops and Bottoms / "Heavy" Suitable for Bottoms and Jackets

We sell rolls with prices in meters. Rolls without price are for you to select to personally create the item of your choice in our designs.

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Closed-loop Cotton from Folkcharm's smallest fabric scraps. Making our process 100% Circular.
Natural White and Brown Cotton with dyes found locally in Loei.

Textiles in wholesale available.

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Plain Colors from Pure Cotton and Botanical Dyes


Stripe Pattern from Pure Cotton and Botanical Dyes


Checkered Patterns with Colors from Pure Cotton and Botanical Dyes


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