The Tailors & Craftswomen

We are now working with three highly skilled home-based tailors in Bangkok on our clothing line to co-create simple and unique yet comfortable daily wears from local natural dye cotton to sleek natural dye ikat silk apparels.

Khun Nok. A local Bangkok residence with over 30 years of experience in tailor work, particularly with Thai handwoven textiles. She’s been our family tailor for tens of years and has done amazing works from formal office wears to our Thai wedding dresses.

Khun Nang. Highly specialised in boutique design house dresses well-known for her attention to details and beautiful cutting. She works with a wide array of textiles, both Thai and foreign. Her incredibly neat work and attention to detail can be easily spotted from the finishing that is second to none.

​Khun Nakon. A local Ramkamheang residence who has been a seamstress for tens of years. Our work with her so far has allowed her to earn more stable and regular income and enhance her capacity as a tailor.