Older Collection

Our first 2016 collection using Thai community-grown organic natural white and natural brown cotton t-shirts from Green Net Organic. FolkCharm travelled to a village in Bhuphan, Sakonnakhon, producers of Bhukram’s beautiful products to co-create these beautiful naturalwears.

FABRIC: Fair Trade Local Thai Variety Organic Cotton by GreenNet
COLORS: Local Organic Natural Dyes of Indigo, Wild Mango, and Paduk from Bhuphan, Sakonnakhon Province
DESIGN AND CRAFT: FolkCharm x Bhukram together with a local weaving community in Bhuphan, Sakonnakhon
TECHNIQUE: Japanese 'Shibori' Tie-Dye
Sizes: S, M, L and XL. (Sold out. Pre-orders available)​