Scarves & Shawls

Scarves & Shawls

These beautiful organic scarves, shawls and handkerchiefs come in various colours and sizes. Color variations are due to using different strains of natural cotton, cream, green and taupe. Other colours are natural dyes of indigo, anatto and ebony. The hand-spun cotton used are farmed, processed and handwoven by our artisans in Loei Province. The scarves are made from 100% hand-spun hand-woven chemical-free cotton.

S : 36 x 200 cm. (fringe included)
M :45 x 200 cm. (fringe included)
L : 60 x 200 cm. (fringe included)

Handkerchiefs: 45 x 45 cm.​

​Pre-orders with specific pattern and colors are possible with a two-month pre-order.

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